Parental Alienation Europe: Issue 1

Second European conference held in London

The second EAPAP conference was held in London on 30 and 31 August 2018. The conference brought together world leading experts to consider the legal and mental health interlock necessary to promote successful resolution in these complex cases.

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Practitioners receive training in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr Gordana Buljan Flander has delivered a lecture as part of the module on “High-conflict divorces, manipulation and child alienation” for students from the child and adolescent integrative psychotherapy and counselling programme in Sarajevo

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The legal situation in Romania regarding custody measures when parents split up - civil cases

Dr Simona Maria Vlădica looks at the new Romanian legislation that enshrines the principle of co-parenting, supporting the harmonious development of the child after divorce or family separation.

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International conference on parental alienation held in Sweden

Stockholm recently hosted the second Parental Alienation Studies Group conference in conjunction with PASG Nordic. The conference, titled Parental Alienation: What Is it? What To Do About It? was held on the island of Skeppsholmen.

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Homecoming: The paths and pitfalls of reunification with lost loved ones

The point of reunification is both the ending and beginning and within that moment is contained all of the hopes, fears, dreams and determinations of everyone involved. Psychotherapist, Karen Woodall, explores issues associated with family reunification.

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