International conference on parental alienation held in Sweden

Parental alienation Sweden

Conference report

Stockholm recently hosted the second Parental Alienation Studies Group conference. The conference, titled Parental Alienation: What Is it? What To Do About It? was held on the island of Skeppsholmen on 24-25 August 2018.


Lena Hellblom Sjögren, Ph.D., who is the Chair and Secretary of PASG Nordic, the organisation hosting the conference, said, ‘the number of long custody cases has risen and means heavy burdens for the courts. The number of children that without justification lose a loved mum or dad is going higher and higher. More and more children, and also adults, suffer.’ Nevertheless, the issue of parental alienation isn’t widely recognised in Sweden and the other Nordic countries.


The Stockholm conference on parental alienation addressed professionals and researchers within the health and law sector, the school system, the police, media, and all who are interested in learning about the growing psychological domestic violence of our time from the knowledgeable lecturers who are invited.


The conference was arranged by the not-for-profit organisation PASG Nordic and, in particular, Lena Hellblom Sjögren, who is a member of the EAPAP Board, in cooperation with the Parental Alienation Study Group, an international not-for-profit organisation registered in the US with 450 members from 46 countries from all continents.


Members are researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, law, psychology, sociology, medicine, psychiatry, criminology, and some family members who have experienced parental alienation. PASG members are also interested in developing and promoting research on the causes, evaluation, prevention, and treatment of parental alienation.